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I love to quilt and experiment with new techniques. This is what led me to be a certified Scrappy Appliqué teacher. The technique was developed by Shannon Brinkley, an international designer, author and quilt teacher. Scrappy Appliqué makes for a really enjoyable program and workshop. The technique is fun and approachable for beginners and experienced quilters alike. 


During the engaging and interactive program, I will share about myself, with a brief insight into my joy of crafts and how I began quilting. Next I will take everyone through the whole process (nitty-gritty details are saved for workshops) and provide a lot of ideas and inspiration for how these techniques can be used. Lastly I do a trunk show, where we take a look through the various quilting options for scrappy appliqué, and discuss fabric selection, quilting decisions, etc. It is a really fun and unique program. 


Learn how to take tiny scraps of fabric and turn them into gorgeous appliqué pieces using Shannon Brinkley's signature technique– Scrappy Appliqué. It is quick and simple to pick up, yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities. It is a perfect workshop if you have quilters at a variety of skill levels. We have had students who are brand new to quilting and have been terrified to try appliqué, and we have had students who have been hand appliquéing for 30+ years. They all have a ball and learn a lot in the class. 

Since the Scrappy Appliqué process is the same despite the template chosen, each student chooses their favourite template/pattern, and we go through the whole process together. Every student's project is totally unique, and it is so much fun to see what everyone creates! Check out the blog post I wrote about my in person Scrappy Appliqué Workshops (includes some prep instructions for students attending). 

This can be a 1 or 2 day workshop. In a 1 day workshop, most students will finish collaging and fusing their applique pieces to their background fabrics. Some students will get to the sewing stage. In a 2 day workshop, most of the students will get their quilt top finished or nearly finished. Some students will even begin quilting their project!

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Here is a list of the Guilds I have presented to this year:
Greenville Modern Quilt Guild
Sierra Quilt Guild
Markham Towne Quilters' Guild
Patched Lives Quilt Guild
Fort Worth Quilt Guild
Dubai Ranches Ladies Quilter's Circle