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Janelle, we cannot THANK YOU enough for creating this beautiful keepsake, the attention to detail is amazing; Resourcing one of the clothing patterns to use on the back and suggest we add our personal message as a personal touch. This will become a family heirloom for years to come. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, your a very creative and talented friend.


Fantastic class, Janelle is so clear and patient in her instructions.

This quilt means the world to me! The quality and care you took to make it showed me you understood and felt that! I snuggle with it on my favorite chair everyday! Thank you for such amazing work!


Janelle, you are the most patient, kindest teacher I've ever had a class with.


I definitely recommend Janelle's classes. She is extremely patient, clear and concise with her instructions and knows what she is doing.


Such an amazing workshop and you are a brilliant teacher


I really enjoyed your presentation.  I find it's very hard to get quilting inspiration going when there are so few opportunities to get together with others and see other people's work and to see new ideas.  Your talk made me feel happy and makes me want to get into my sewing room to create something new!


Janelle, thank you for being an exceptional and wonderful teacher, who is willing to be patient with us at every step of the way. Can't wait to learn more from you!


I came not interest - but I watched and was enspired and enthused! Thank you Janelle!

Guild attendee
Dotty & Grace Tutorial - Homemade gift card

How to make a homemade greeting card

It is always fun to gift a handmade present - why not personalise the card to go with it and make your own. For more information on my technique read through the tutorial.

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Aqaba Quilt

The Aqaba Quilt Pattern was inspired by the beautiful tiles in Aqaba, Jordan. The Aqaba Quilt comes in 3 fun sizes. It is a beginner-friendly quilt pattern and a fast finish for more experienced quilters.

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