A Little Snippet about Dotty and Grace


Hello and welcome to Dotty & Grace.

About us....well it is just me - I am Janelle. Creator, designer, business owner, sewer, teacher and sharer of my crafting adventures.

I am an Australian, currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I have lived in Dubai for over 13 years; it seems weird to say that because I thought it would only be for one year.

Originally I am from Sydney, although I have been an expat for most of my adult life. I have lived in some great cities; Sydney, San Francisco, Washington DC, Melbourne and now Dubai.

How did I start sewing quilts and handmade items? While I had made baby blankets as gifts many years ago, I stitched my first quilt after a vacation in Japan. I had purchased myself lots of souvenir fabrics. So with no idea what I was doing, I made my first quilt - a rag quilt. That was in 2009. Check out my blog for more details on that first quilt project. It was super fun!

Jump forward 9 years later, it was summer in Dubai, as it is so hot outside, it is the best time to stay indoors and do spring cleaning. Unusual for me, I found myself, sorting out boxes and I came across a bunch of fabrics I had been saving for a project, I was not sure what project but the box was stacked full. I did a little research on google and then before I knew it, I had started quilting and I could not stop.

Besides quilting, I also love to cook, and my husband & I love to travel, you can see some of our adventures on Instagram @voyageurj

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