This week I will get organised....

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This week I will get organised..... does that sound familiar?

I seem to need a list for everything to keep organised at the moment.

A shopping list. A to-do list for the housework. A to-do list for work. A to-do list for my quilting and crafts. These lists can go on and on.

So what do I tackle each week? Well, my friends, that is easy.

I simplify my week into days and priorities. I have one page to Pin it down! Meaning if it is in my plan for the week, it is important to prioritise.

Here is a link to Pin down your own priorities for this week - give it a try. It's free.

Keep it simple - if the boxes are full, you may have to look at what can be crossed off even before you start the week. 

Keep in handy - have the list somewhere where you can reflect each morning and review your day, to ensure your priorities are still aligned.

Keep focussed - so often we have too much to do, when then results in nothing getting done. 

Keep a track - as you finish an item, check it off - the satisfaction of completion will be motivation to keep moving.

If you find it useful, be sure to share the link with your friends so they can download the file also. 

Happy sewing! And if you want to read more updates from Dotty & Grace be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Pin it down

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