Sunny Days Mini Quilt

Sunny Days Mini Quilt - stitched by Janelle from Dotty & Grace


I love making mini quilts! And I am excited to share with you my completed Sunny Days Mini Quilt!

Why do I love mini quilts? I love creating and trying new techniques. A mini quilt gives me the option to trial something different and "test the waters" so to speak to see if I like the style of quilting. Usually I will trial different colour combinations, a new idea for piecing or even just a different thread colour in the quilting to see how it blends with the fabric. The benefit is then I do not waste time with thinking I have to finish a large quilt when really maybe there is something I am not quite sure about. A mini quilt gives me the opportunity to then move the new skill onto a larger quilt. Or put it aside and give myself the freedom to move forward if I want to try something else next time.

This Sunny Days Mini Quilt Pattern was a fun and fast pattern to test which was written by Bev from @flamingotoes - click here for more info from Flamingo Toes - she is a true crafter at heart with lots of ideas for quilting, sewing, embroidery and cross stitch.
The Sunny Days Mini Quilt pattern will be released soon! Watch her Instagram @flamingotoes for more details
Pattern: Sunny Days Mini Quilt by Bev from Flamingo Toes
Fabric: Summer Blush by Sedif from Down Grapevine Lane
Quilting: by me on my Janome @janome.uae I used my Janome 6700P and I love the serpentine/wavy stitch, I just left it on the regular settings and did not change the length or width for this project. I really like how it turned out.
Fun Fact: Sunny Dubai - did you know that in 2019, Dubai had 38 rainy days in Dubai, this was up from 14 in 2018. No wonder we all get so excited when it rains. (Statista Info)
Dotty and Grace

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