How to Start or Grow Your Own Quilt Business - this was my path

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Many people have asked me how I started my quilting business?  

It all started about a year ago. My quilting hobby was speeding along. I was running out of racks to hang the quilts on. And I was curious to start doing more than just making the quilts. I had a dream of starting a small quilting business.

At that stage, it really was a dream, until I came across a FREE workshop from the Shannon Brinkley Studio.

I could not believe my luck! A FREE workshop to understand the quilting business. So I signed up straight away. The series of videos from Shannon goes through some key points that resonated for me in what I am aiming for my business:

  • Provide freedom and flexibility
  • Meets (and exceeds!) revenue goals
  • Is an expression of creativity
  • Can thrive even during times like these

Across the year, I have now signed up for other courses run by Shannon, but this first workshop was a great starter to understand if I was really interested and what it might take to start my own quilting business.

There are so many options available now for online courses. If you have ever thought of starting or growing your own quilting business, start with this FREE workshop. Learn from someone who runs a successful quilting business, Shannon. You might not start today. You may not start this year. But take advantage of this workshop as it typically only runs once a year. Video 1 starts on 4th March, so be sure to sign up.

When you are ready to move to the next level and invest in your own business dreams, consider the Patchwork course - enrolment is once a year and has started now 


Shannon Brinkley - Start or Grow your quilt business

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