Rose Terrace Quilt


Rose Terrace Quilt

When Rachel from Citrus and Mint designs was looking for pattern testers for her latest creations I jumped right in as I loved the designs. So not only did I test Strawberry Fields but I also really liked the Rose Terrace quilt pattern

I loved how the pattern shows off the fabric designs by having big blocks that showcase the fabric. And also being a fan of economy blocks, I loved how that small design feature popped up throughout the quilt.

The quilt was fast to make and be sure if you are using directional fabric to follow the directional cutting instructions.

It was lockdown in Dubai when I started this project so I was short of white background fabric - so I switched to the navy. And I just love how it turned out.

So if you are looking for a pattern that will showcase your fabric prints, I can highly recommend the Rose Terrace quilt pattern.

Here is a link to the pdf pattern - Rose Terrace


Economy block - Rose Terrace Quilt

Fabric: Rollakan by Cathy Nordstrom
Quilting: Bronwyn Pontes, see the image of the back below - the free motion design is just stunning
Quilting by Bronwyn Pontes - image of the backing to show the design

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