My visit to the Antique Textiles Company!

The Antique Textiles Company - London

Like a kid in a candy store!

WOW! Well that would be an understatement for this experience. Have you heard the saying "like a kid in a candy store"? Yes! Well that was me when I was fortunate enough to visit Christopher Wilson-Tate's store, the Antique Textiles Company in London.

I was recently in London for work travel and I had an afternoon free, before I was to fly home the next day. 

About a month before I even knew of my trip, I happened to be searching on Instagram for quilt shops in London and I came across the Antique Quilt Company, which led me to find Christopher's store - the Antique Textiles Company! So I knew instantly what I wanted to do with that spare afternoon!

The Antique Textile Company - Abbey Road, London, England

Location: Abbey Road, London England

The Antique Textile Company is located on Abbey Road in London! I took the tube from my hotel, and then it was an easy walk, on a beautiful spring day to reach the store!

While, I had seen Christopher's posts on Instagram - nothing could prepare me for the abundance of quilts available in the store!

 There were racks, shelves and quilts hung throughout the store! Hexagons, half-square triangles, log cabins, sawtooth stars, economy blocks, hearts, applique, pieced quilts, mini quilts, throw quilts, bed quilts, scrappy quilts, full cloth quilts and the list of choice to purchase just goes on and on!

Next time I visit I plan to have room in my suitcase! But how to choose just one!


The Antique Textiles Company - photos courtesy of Christopher Wilson-Tate

Lots & Lots of Quilts!

The store itself comprises of 3 rooms, each room, full of amazing quilts. There are so many styles, designs, colours it was hard to settle on a favourite! I spent close to two hours in the store with Christopher! His passion antique quilts shone through, as I asked question after question - I was so curious to learn more!

So this was my first experience with antique quilts and I can assure you, I now have a bug to learn more and more! 

Selfie by Christopher Wilson-Tate with Janelle Schwartz

Get to know Christopher!

It was a joy to meet Christopher! Christopher's passion for quilt collecting started at the age of 15 years old, when he purchased his first antique quilt. He has been selling and collecting quilts across the years - with a private collection of more than 800 quilts! It was a true pleasure to hear so many stories about the quilts from around the globe - English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish Quilts plus North American and European pieces. We talked about the different antique quilt styles, the fabric across the ages and the stitching that went into each quilt. Christopher is also a fabric designer with Moda.

To learn more about Christopher and his beautiful store you can visit his Instagram, Facebook or website.

And if you are ever in London, be sure to take a visit to Abbey Road, to see the Antique Textile Company and all the joy it has to offer!

 The Antique Textiles Company - Front Door

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