Jenny's Countdown to Christmas - A Quilter's Ultimate Advent Calendar

Jenny's Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar for Quilters

In November I saw an update from Missouri Star Quilt Company that on the Tuesday Facebook sessions with Misty there was going to be a special announcement. I do not usually watch those session live, due to time differences with Dubai, but this time I was curious, so I tuned in late that evening. And I am so so happy that I did.

The special announcement was from Jenny that her box of favourite things was going to be available again this year for Jenny's Countdown to Christmas. An advent calendar with items especially handpicked for those that love quilting. I had taken the box in 2018 and I really liked it. So I decided I might as well treat myself to this years advent box. 

Lucky I did! Because the next day I went to send the link to a friend who I thought might like it also - and it was sold out already. Sorry friends, I will think faster next time.

And the box was just amazing so I thought I would share with you all the treasures. If I was able to locate the product online for sale - I have also included the link for more information. (if there is no link - I could not find it available for sale).

 Day 1 - Missouri Star Fancy Zips. Click here
 Missouri Star Fancy Zips 
Day 2 - Tabletop Bobbin Rack - Click here
Tabletop Bobbin Rack
Day 3 - Holiday Dream Charm Pack
Holiday Dream Charm Pack
Day 4 - Winter Star Wall Decor Project
Winter Star Wall Decor Project
Day 5 - Missouri Star Cotton Thread - Click Here
Missouri Star Quilt Company thread
Day 6 - Sunny Button Coaster - Click Here
Sunny Button Coaster
Day 7 - Best Batting Seam Tape - Click Here
Batting Seam tape
Day 8 - Missouri Star's Favorite Thimble Cup - Click Here
Missouri Star Thimble
Day 9 - Jenny's Favorite Thimble 
Day 10 - Stars For Sven Applique Project
Stars for Sven Applique
Day 11 - Missouri Star Stitched With Love Ornament - Click here
 Missouri Star Stitched With Love Ornament
Day 12 - Diagonal Seam Tape - Click Here
Diagonal Seam Tape
Day 13 - Jenny's Quilting Journal
Day 14 - Missouri Star Flat Head Pins
Missouri Star Flat Head Pins
Day 15 - Missouri Star Magnetic Pin Bowl - Click Here
Magnetic Pin Bowl
Day 16 - Quilty Glass Magnets 
Quilty Glass Magnets
Day 17 - Sewing Bird Art Project
Sewing Bird Art Project
Day 18 - Happy Place Wall Decal
Happy Place Wall Decal
Day 19 - Quilt Labels
Quilt Labels
Day 20 - Quilting Notecards - Click Here
Quilting Notecards
Day 21 - Gnome Scissors and Tape Measure Set
Gnome Scissors and Tape Measure Set
Day 22 - Miniature Minis Charm Pack
Miniature Minis Charm Pack
Day 23 - Mini Dresden Project
Mini Dresden Project
Day 24 - Magnetic Spool Pin Holder - Click Here
Magnetic Spool Pin Holder
Day 25 - Missouri Star Winter Mural Puzzle
Day 25 boxMissouri Star Winter Mural Puzzle

So to wrap up this advent calendar - I was super happy! I think it had the great balance between projects and notions. And the bonus is - there were a few items I had always thought it would be nice to have but with the postage to Dubai being so high I had always refrained. And secondly - I only doubled up on one item that I already had - the diagonal seam tape, but I use this all the time, so I am super happy to have another roll.

If you get a chance one year to purchase this box - I would highly recommend it. I have not tried others but I find Jenny's boxes filled with cheer and thoughtful gifts. It gets 10/10 again from me this year.

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Jenny's Countdown to Christmas
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