Homemade Face Masks

Handmade Face masks

So I have been busy making face masks this week.

It is mandatory in Dubai to wear masks to keep us safe, and I think it will be like that for a while.

After watching a Tula Talk time last Tuesday and her talking about refreshing her masks, I thought I should do the same.

I have had my original mask, the only one, since the beginning of lockdown., I wash it regularly, I do my work and study from home, I don't go out much, so it has served me well.  But I thought it would be nice to some favourite fabrics.

Tutorial: for these masks, I wanted to try the tutorial by Sachiko from Tea Rose Home - click here  I like that there are three different sizes, so it was easy to make different sizes for my family. The pattern is very easy and only has two pieces of fabric to cut. And you can make it with or without the pouch for the filter.


Tilda - Memory Lane - Tess in Dark Slate (top right corner)

Melody Miller - Clementine in Sunshine

Tula Pink - Homemade - Seed Stitch noon, which really reminds me of hundreds and thousands


After seeing a recommendation from someone to use hairbands as they can be a bit softer - so I am trying that too. So far it has been more comfortable for me - and bonus that these hairbands were just the right size for me

Note: these mask work for us, you should check your local guidelines on what will be right for you and your family.


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