Butterfly Quilt Fluttering away from Dubai!

Butterfly Patch Quilt


Do you like secrets? When friends get together to make beautiful creations as gifts - secrets can be fun!!
So this project has been hidden for sometime as it was a surprise for our dear friend Bec.
Unfortunately, Bec is going to be leaving Dubai in the coming months. 😢
So Philly, from Stitch by Pip, and I got together and made Bec a Butterfly quilt. Bec is a fan of a butterflies and loves a great butterfly block, so we made her an entire butterfly quilt. We are certainly going to miss you Bec.
Pattern: Butterfly Patch by Vanessa from @lellaboutique
Fabric: Lollipop Garden by @lellaboutique
Quilting: Custom quilting by @bronwyn_pontes, we love the two tones of thread she used. Have a close look at the details - the quilting is amazing
Dotty and Grace

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