This Christmas Tree Appliqué spruced up this Quilted Christmas Stocking

Quilted Christmas Stocking for Luca

Recently I was making a Quilted Christmas Stocking for Luca. And I wanted to add an appliqué design onto it but I could not find a simple, modern fast design that matched what I had in mind. So I created one!!

This easy Christmas Tree template has turned into a fun way to create fast projects for last minute gifts.

With this version of the Christmas tree I used solid fabric from the Green Cozy Christmas Panel from Lori Holt. Now although I wanted the applique to be simple - once I had the tree on the stocking I wanted to spruce it up - just like any Christmas tree.

This is when I came across a tutorial for the Rosette Chain stitch and I thought that would be perfect to look like lights around the tree. Mary Corbet's tutorial was the easiest for me to follow - if you want to try it too, here is the link. For these stitches I used Lori Holt's Chunky Crochet yarn. To be honest, I don't know how to crochet but I do use this pack of yarn for different embroidery projects when I am looking for more texture.

Then I just finished off the Christmas Tree Appliqué with a star stitch on top. To be honest I am not too sure where I learnt this one - but I love using it with this design. And for this I used a DMC Perle thread No.8 the colour number is #973 - such a bring colour for this star.

The Festive Tree Appliqué Template is currently available from Dotty and Grace, with a bonus small size, perfect to add a Christmas Tree appliqué to your projects - click here

Here is a close up of the Easy Christmas Tree Appliqué.

Easy Christmas Tree Applique
And here is a close up of the adorable rosette chain stitch - it is not perfect but I do love the effect it gave to the tree
Close up of accent embroidery - rosette chain stitch
And finally the star on the top of the tree - to be honest I wish I would have thought of this earlier - I only added this star at the end once the stocking was constructed so it made it a little challenging to get the star even.
Star embroidery for the Easy Festive Tree Appliqué
Happy Holidays to everyone, wishing you and your family's good health this season.



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