Dotty & Grace - the origins of the name

The first question was...should I or shouldn't I start a new business venture?

The answer was easy. Yes. That seemed fairly simple. Then it was time to choose a name for my new business, which did not come as easy.

Inspiration seemed to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. I had a list of over  20 names, I narrowed it down to 10 and 5, but none of them seemed to fit. But I was struggling to work out why.

So I did some soul searching. Thinking back to why I started crafts and what was important to me.

My first memories of sewing & crafting came from the amazing women who influenced my childhood. My mother and my grandmothers. And just thinking back brought JOY! So many memories of wool, fabrics and handmade items in our homes.

Dorothy - my maternal grandmother - she would knit. She was affectionately known to some of her friends as Dot.

Amy Grace - my paternal grandmother - she would crochet, I still have one of the blankets she made me. I have always loved the name Grace.

And while both of them passed away many years ago, something about including them into my business just felt good. 

So while creating variations of their names, Dotty & Grace emerged and finally a name for my business just clicked. It brings the warmth of family. 

As an extra thought - I often feel dotty and graceful all at the same time while quilting.

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