Curved Quilt blocks - so much easier than I thought

Chat bot Quilt Bubbles

I have to admit I have been putting off curves for the longest time.

And then I saw Ali's pattern from Arabesque Scissors. This new pattern for the Chatbot Quilt (pattern release will be in August) is full of curves and looks like such a fun modern quilt!

So I jumped in the deep end. And to my surprise - it was so much easier than what I had thought it would be.

Here are a few helpful hints from my little experience with curves;

Be sure to align up your edges at intervals - I finger pressed my fabric in half and half again.

Use pins - so often we speed along when we are confident quilters but for first-time curves, I would recommend pins.

It will slightly gather or fold up but do not worry, as you stitch slowly around the curve it levels out.

Press your seam towards to outer rim (usually the background fabric)

Et voila - you have a curve.

Try out a curve today so you are ready in August for Ali's pattern release.




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