Alternative quilt background colours.

When I started doing the pattern testing for the Rose Terrace Quilt by Rachel from Citrus and Mint Designs, I came across an interesting challenge. I had run out of white background fabric. And during a pandemic, the best option I had was to look in my stash.

I already knew I wanted to use the Rollakan collection of fabrics. I had purchased a half yard bundle last year, and I had been looking for a pattern that I could show off the gorgeous prints.

With not many options available in my stash for the background fabrics - I opted for Kona Cotton Navy blue. 

And I just love the effect it is giving as I am piecing together the blocks. 

Check out how great this Economy block looks with the Navy blue framing the orange and pale blue. And next time you are making your colour selections - consider an alternative background fabric to showcase your hardwork.

I cannot wait for you to see more of the Rose Terrace Quilt - it is such a fun and fast pattern. Be sure to follow my updates on Instagram 

Pattern release will be in August 2020 by Citrus and Mint Designs

Economy Block
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Rollakan Fabric - Cathy NordstromRose Terrace Quilt Pattern by Rachel Erickson

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