How To Make A Handmade Greeting Card

Handmade greeting card by Dotty & Grace

This week I have been having fun making handmade greeting cards. These cards are super simple to make and also are fun to personalise with cute fussy cuts from your stash.

Here is the step-by-step process for the handmade cards.

 For this project, you will need

  * Scissors or a rotary cutter
  * Ruler
  * Glue stick - any kind of clear glue is fine
  * Fussy cut fabric - I used two pieces of fabric 2"x2" and 1.5"x1.5" but you can use one, two or more as you create your gift card
  * A pack of blank cards - I used A6 size (you can usually find something similar at a local art or craft store)

    Supplies for handmade stitched cards

    Step 1- Using your ruler and rotary cutter, make sure your fabrics are cut to size for the placement on the card. Then using a small spot of glue, paste each fussy cut piece of fabric into position on the front of the card.

    Step 1 - handmade card

    Step 2 - Open out the card flat and stitch around the inside edge of the fussy cut fabrics. I like to use the one colour thread for the two fabrics, so I choose something that will compliment both. I use a stitch length of 1.6. I find this helps to secure the fabric with minimal fraying.

    Stitch the fabrics into position

    Step 3 - Once you have stitched down the fabrics, open the card and secure the threads on the inside of the card. I either use a small knot or trim the threads and use a small amount of glue (Hint: do not close the card immediately if you used glue to avoid the card sticking closed)

    Securing the threads

    Et voila - your card is ready for that special recipient.

    Handmade card with Fussy cut fabrics

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    Fussy Cut Fabric - Handmade CardFussy cut Gift Card

    For another fun idea - check your button collection. I used some Lori Holt buttons and simply used a small spot of applique glue to secure them! This is a fun and fast way to make that gift card for someone special!

    As cute as a button - Lori Holt buttons on a Handmade Greeting Card

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